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July 6, 2009
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Random Photoshop Brush Set by Okami-Rain Random Photoshop Brush Set by Okami-Rain
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Ok, a lot of you have been asking for the brushes I use in my pictures so HERE THEY ARE *waves big flag* TAAADAAAAA!! I whole TON of brushes for you! There are MANY KINDS!! Most can be used successfully without a tablet, but the best results will be with a tablet for most of these!

ALSO I made these in CS3 so I don't know if they'll work if you have an earlier version of Photoshop >.< Sorry >.<

Some of these brushes I made because I've seen other brush sets on here with similar aims but didn't quite seem to be up to the job they were meant for, such as the Palm Tree brush and cheetah spots.

If you have ANY questions or would like to see a tutorial on the proper use of these brushes JUST ASK I am always open to help!

IF YOU USE THESE: You can use them for commercial or whatever use I don't really care XD Credit would be nice but you don't have to. And I would appreciate if ya gave me a link to the pic you used them in n_n you don't have to, but I wanna see really bad!

*** Have any suggestion for brushes? LET ME KNOW!!***

There are a LOT! 28 of them to be exact. Quite a large file. So here is the list and what they do!

1. Detailed Cherry Blossom Stamp. For single or few flower designs.
2. Dotted Texture Brush. For dirt or denim texture.
3. Cloth Texture Brush. Use Repeatedly with different colors to build a cloth-like texture.
4. Leopard Spot One
5. Leopard Spot Two
6. Rain Spatter. Stamp around to simulate the effect of Rain hitting the ground or water.
7. Long Fur Brush. Moves with direction you move it in.
8. Cherry Blossom/Plum Blossom Brush. Use for trees, bushes, and intricate designs.
9. Bark texture. Moves in direction you move it in. Use on a tree to create bark texture.
10. Dirt One. Use for dirt-like texture.
11. Grass.
12. Drag repeatedly over an area to create a scale texture.
13. Leaf cluster. Creates larger clusters when used.
14. Single Leaf. Creates clusters when used.
15. Okami-Style Ink brush. Use with Tablet and Pressure Sensitivity for BEST results.
16. Watercolor Brush. Use to simulate coloring with Watercolor.
17. Lollipop Stamp.
18. Cactus Brush. Moves in direction of the mouse/pen.
19. Palm Tree Trunk Texture: Drag over Trunk base to create a Palm Tree texture.
12. Palm Leaves. Use with Pressure Sensitivity or FADE to get BEST results. Works for ferns as well.
13. Cheetah Spots. Drag over area for Cheetah Spots.
15. Leopard Spot Three.
16. Leopard Spot Pattern. Drag to reveal Leopard Spots.
17. Short Fur. Has same motion properties as Long Fur.
18. Pine Needles. Drag to create Pine Branches. Use with Pressure Sensitivity for BEST results.
19. Dirt 2. Can also be sued for bushes and small leaves or sand.
20. Sea Foam. Use for sea foam texture.
21. Ocelot Spot 1
22. Ocelot Spot 2
23. Tumble Weed. Stamp around for tumble weeds.
24. Bubbles. Creates clusters of bubbles.
25. Chain. Moves with direction of mouse/pen. Use to create a chain.
26. Wheat. Works like a grass brush but with Wheat.
27. Falling Feathers. Scattered feathers that seem to be floating down.
28. Chain Link fence. Drag sideways across picture to create a chain link fence.
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Beth-Z Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014   General Artist
Since these are made for Photoshop, will they still work in GIMP? *^*
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Awesome pack! Thanks for sharing!
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thank you
WolfgoddessEmi Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Sorry meant "In Photoshop Elements they work"!xD
WolfgoddessEmi Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you!In Elements the work!^^ The brush for palm trees look great! love that brush!
tiffanyblogs Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist
Used here [link]
Thank you :)
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